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Screen Dragons

Be afraid!  Be very afraid!  
Here be the home of Screen Dragons!

Screen Dragons

A Screen Dragon is a frame-less, re-sizeable, movable image that can be viewed transparently and alpha-blended.

Each Screen Dragon can be loaded with multiple images, multiple Screen Dragons can be run at the same time.

Screen Dragons have many uses:

        ⦁ A Screen Dragon can be used as a simple on screen display that is easily re-located and sized to not interfere with other windows.

        ⦁ It can be used as an image palette holding multiple images for reference or perhaps to be copied into another application when required.

        ⦁ A Screen Dragon is easily used to thumb through a folder of image files, then open explorer with that file.

        ⦁ Used with screen capture, a Screen Dragon can be added as a logo or watermark or highlight or used to create a collage of images.

        ⦁ Copied RTF text that also adds a metafile to clipboard, can be pasted into a Screen Dragon making adding text to an image easy using capture. NOTE clipboard has a restriction on metafile size so long text may not be complete.

A Screen Dragon is a stand alone application but is also designed to work with any capture application.

There are many screen capture applications aside from the use of Windows PrtSc.  Placing one or more Screen Dragons in front of the capture area will add them to the capture.  An alpha-blended Screen Dragon can be used to add a watermark.  A Screen Dragon with pasted RTF text, can be used to add text. 

The internet is packed with free to use images that can be used in a Screen Dragon to great effect. The opening image for example is a particularly attractive piece by GDJ downloaded from  Creating your own logo to be added to your pictures is a nice way of personalising your images.

A Screen Dragon can be used to add almost anything to a capture.  Pictures, arrows, logos, bubbles, highlighted areas, comments - whatever can be made into an image.  For anything on screen, capture it, crop it, size it, paste it into a Screen Dragon.  Or design it, save it, 'Release a Screen Dragon' in the Context Menu or drag the file onto an open Screen Dragon.

Create a folder of images you may need, load the folder into a Screen Dragon then simply navigate to the one you want.

If you want an easy made collage, load Screen Dragons with your images, place them against a background of choice and capture. Finish it off with a bit of text!

If you have an interesting screen background image, hide your icons, load up and place your Screen Dragons and go for it.

Create your own exclusive paper by pre-printing with an alpha-blended Screen Dragon or use it as background in your word/open office document.

Combine images to create something interesting, for example a speech bubble with text.

Let your imagination fly!

Drag & Grab

A companion app for Screen Dragons

Drag & Grab has been written as a companion application for Screen Dragons.  Using a Screen Dragon it is easy to add a watermark or any other image to another image.  However most if not all capture applications will only capture what is on screen so adding something to a large image is a problem.  Not with D&G.  Load in an image and scroll to the area you want to mark, place your Screen Dragon and 'Capture image'.

D&G will also capture the window or screen in addition to being able to rotate, copy, paste and resize the image.